Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Your New Wallpaper

This has been my new practical joke at work. When someone walks away and leaves their computer unlocked, I set this as their desktop so they have a nice little treat when they come back. Maybe now you can go put it to some good use too?

Saturday, March 27, 2010


I've been to different parts of Mexico and to Europe and Japan, but this trip to Yelapa may have been the most foreign place I've been to yet. It's like the land that time forgot, and then just recently remembered. You see, they just got electricity five years ago. And theres no cars... cuz there's no roads! Just people walking around on cobble stone and dirt paths and riding mules and horses and cruising around on boats!

Long story short, we had an amazing vacation. Absolutely beautiful beaches, hardly any tourists, quiet little fishing village, fantastic food, rented a nice house right on the water, met all sorts of really interesting people, went to someones birthday party, had dinner at someones house, took a motor boat to an even smaller village, hiked up the river to waterfalls... and had a few pina colada and Pacificos. John and Kay traveled w/ us but they only visited Yelapa for a day and were stuck in crappy Puerto Vallarta the rest of the time :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Silverlight Tutorial - Obfuscating Fonts

** This post will not interest my usual readers**

However, if you are interested in obfuscating/protecting your fonts in a Silverlight app, read on.

Here's the basic steps that I'll show in the video tutorial:

· Create Microsoft Word Document
· Change the font to the desired font type
· Print to XPS file
· Change the XPS file extension to .zip
· Open zip file and navigate to Fonts directory (eg: somezipfile.zip\Documents\1\Resources\Fonts)
· If more than one font is required you can add several to a zip file
· In the Silverlight project (not the associated web project) include the ODTTF, or zip file using “Add -> Existing Item”
· Click on the newly added file and go to properties
· Change the “Build Action” to Resource
· In the Xaml file you can now add controls with the FontFamily set
· Compile
· You may need to launch the site in the debugger to see the fonts for the first time, but after that they should show up in the designer

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sherlock Holmes Credits

These are beautiful credits. Hand written letters with illustrations and a wet ink effect. I haven't seen the movie, but judging by the previews, these credits seem to very appropriate to the style of the film.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Google Chrome

Some nice european commercials done for Google by BBH Labs.

And some interesting behind the scenes details on their site.

Don't Believe What You See

It is so amazing what can be done w/ green screens and computers. You just can't believe anymore what you see or hear.