Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Tech Enima

This has been a big weekend for me.

First, I have been holding strong with Windows XP for many years, both at home and at work. The reasoning being "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". I managed to dodge the Windows ME bullet, and I skipped that whole Windows Vista fiasco, having never heard anything good about either one. Well, I finally came to a point at work where I had to upgrade. We are creating a phone app for the upcoming Windows Phone 7, and the development tools require Vista or 7... so I switched at work, and liked it so much, I am now switching at home. Installed the new OS yesterday.

Secondly, I have also always been pretty anti-Apple, due mostly to the mindless masses that wholeheartedly swallow all the Apple marketing and adopt the Apple brand as part of their own egoic, mindmade sense of self. That and I do not like Apple's rights managed mp4 iStore and intrusive iTunes program. So anyways, on Friday I decided that as a Interactive Designer, it is my professional duty to be familiar with current devices, trends, and so on and so forth, SO, I bought an iPhone. It's a little sad putting my trusty old Sony-Ericsson phone aside because it really is a great little phone, but I must say I'm really having fun getting to know this new iPhone. And I think I feel like a different person now, too.... cooler, smarter, more confident.

Just kidding. It has not yet changed my persona. And I did cover up the Apple logo on the back and will be using WinAmp to load my music, NOT iTunes.