Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Warrior Dash and Making Metia Man Video

A bunch of people at work have signed up for this Warrior Dash, which is a 3.5 mile run that includes a bunch of crazy obstacles like climbing a rope wall, crawling thru mud, and jumping over fire. And since this is a work sponsored event, we decided to do a little Metia promo video. (Metia is the company I work at).

We needed a giant-sized, 3D, wearable version of the company logo. So we bought some foam, glue, and spray paint. First, I cut all the shapes.

Then I laid out the letters like a stencil.

A little spay paint (a lot of paint actually, 6 cans)

Some spray adhesive and some contact cement.

Cut the face and arm holes and added a little finishing touch...

...and viola! Metia Man is born.

Then we went to the park down the street and started shooting the video.

And here is the final peice!

and you might find this interesting, too. It's the storyboards I drew and video comp prior to shooting.

My First App - AmazonFresh

The first phone app that I ever worked on was published today. It's a grocery (and more) delivery app for AmazonFresh on the new (and awesome) Windows Phone 7.

The project was pretty big and it took about 6 months of back and forth with the client, and a non-disclosure agreement which prevented me from showing it to anyone or talking about it, so it's really exciting to have it FINALLY released to market.

The new Windows Phone was so cool to work on that I gave up my iPhone and bought the Samsung Focus (running WindowsPhone7) instead. I love the device and I love the apps - they have such a elegant user experience and such modern design. I've started make my own apps on the side now, too.

And the AmazonFresh grocery service is sweeeeet! I use it all the time now. Just placed another order this morning at work, and then it was on my doorstep when I got home :)

If you have the new Windows Phone, download my kick ass app (opens in Zune) or search for "AmazonFresh" from your WP7, and give it 5 stars! (btw, it's only for Seattle & Eastside areas)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Beastie Boys - Fight for your right revisited

OMG - this is SO brilliant! You might want to familiarize yourself with this old gem first, then watch the new one.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Stupid Pet Tricks

I saw this video of a cat "putting on" its bunny hat. I thought it was pretty funny, so I made my own video with Mojo.

The original

And mine

Saturday, April 16, 2011

If You Can Wake Up, Then You Should

One of the last scenes from the movie Waking Life. As a whole, I thought the movie was pretty boring - just a bunch of monologs. But this scene I found very interesting. Makes me think about the nature of time. Or rather, the illusion of time. It will be good fodder for the six day silent meditation retreat that we're going on tomorrow...

Monday, April 11, 2011

Ava's Gymnastics

The last meet of the season. Lots of high-flying acrobatics and crazy flexibility. My neice is definately an upcoming super star. A couple more years and she'll be on the Wheaties box.

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Weather Channel

I did a demo video for The Weather Channel. We did not create the phone app, just the video. It was a pretty fun project to work on... Keeps my video skills from getting rusty. Plus the client was quite happy and has already referred new business to us. You can view the video on the Microsoft Showcase

Sunday, March 13, 2011


My little bro Vincent just joined a lacrosse team and they had their first game last Saturday. Vince played very poorly and the team lost 9 to 1 and i couldn't be more proud of him. He is not used to playing sports, has no idea how to play lacrosse, and only knows one kid on the team so he was super nervous, but got out there and did his best and ended up having fun. And most importantly, he put himself way outside his comfort zone and faces his fear. Now I gotta learn how to play lacrosse so i can help him practice! Posted with BloghuB for Windows Phone 7

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Kathleen is Back

After 2 months in India, Kathleen has returned. Here are just a couple of her photos.

This monkey is human sized.

Sadus - they have renounced all worldly possetions and relationships.

Not only are cows sacred, people just don't eat meat down there.

Part of the group she went with:

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bicycle Woman from the Future

Holy Crap. This is just about the coolest thing I've ever seen. I think I finally know what I will have tatooed on my back!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Kathleen is in India

As most of you know, Kathleen is in India visiting ashrams and meditating like crazy. They are in Auroville right now. The big golden ball is the main attraction. If you are lucky, you can go inside to meditate.

This is the inside. I think this is where the Jedi counsil also holds their meetings :)

There are some pretty cool panoramic views on their website.

Black Hole

Nice short video. Thanks to Poppa John for sending.