Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My First App - AmazonFresh

The first phone app that I ever worked on was published today. It's a grocery (and more) delivery app for AmazonFresh on the new (and awesome) Windows Phone 7.

The project was pretty big and it took about 6 months of back and forth with the client, and a non-disclosure agreement which prevented me from showing it to anyone or talking about it, so it's really exciting to have it FINALLY released to market.

The new Windows Phone was so cool to work on that I gave up my iPhone and bought the Samsung Focus (running WindowsPhone7) instead. I love the device and I love the apps - they have such a elegant user experience and such modern design. I've started make my own apps on the side now, too.

And the AmazonFresh grocery service is sweeeeet! I use it all the time now. Just placed another order this morning at work, and then it was on my doorstep when I got home :)

If you have the new Windows Phone, download my kick ass app (opens in Zune) or search for "AmazonFresh" from your WP7, and give it 5 stars! (btw, it's only for Seattle & Eastside areas)

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