Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Line Riders Anonymous

So if you haven't yet played with this, be careful. Line Rider is an online game/toy where you draw the lines and this little sledder guy slides down them. I know, sounds lame, but I can't stop drawing tracks for him to ride. And there's probably a million other people out there doing the same thing. Look on YouTube for Line Rider and you'll find plenty.

And here's my 1st posted movie with a contained track where the rider hits the same jump 5 times.


SandraSSC said...

Wow. I loved it... Thanks for setting up a blog. This will be fun.

What does the "MD" stand for?

Lydia said...

hmm... your track is awesome... i may never draw another linerider track (hangs head in jealous and embarassed shame) again. md - obviously Dr. Matt!!! at least in the line drawing category. i thought when i saw the "multimedia designer" that this blog would be GOOD!

MattWilsonMD said...

Mom, MD stands for Multimedia Designer.

MattWilsonMD said...

Lydia - you are so hip. You probably played with Line Rider before me... you had a blog before me... you're so ahead of the curve.