Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Fil Fosset, Really Big Brother

I took these pix this morning on the way to work. That's my boy Fil up there - larger than life above the Deja Vu seeing me off to work every morning. Pretty cool, huh? And he's not just a model either, he's a the real deal Big Brother... Fil's the man!


Lydia said...

hey! did you say something about work??? what's that story? and... are you going to be a brother? or does adam still count?

MattWilsonMD said...

Lydia, this is a post from 3/07... and i think Adam's had all the brothering he can take from me!

adam said...

matt would have to put on about 20 lbs before i'll let him be my big brother again. Fil on th eother hand is cool enough to qualify