Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Back from Cancun

We were in Cancun for the past week and a half working at the Fiesta Americana hotel. I was shooting another video for work. Kathleen was assisting me (I know, tough job).

Pool and beach from the roof

Our first meal at the hotel - amazing food...

The view from our room

My cash bonus for being such a great guy.

Me and Steve talking about women

Kathleen and Tammy talking about men

After work was over, we moved down the street and stayed at a simpler (cheaper) hotel and had this awesome top floor corner unit.

Street scene from Isla de Mujeres - a small island almost completely untouched by the Capitalist pigs. Very quaint little streets, shops and people.

Some aftermath from Hurricane Wilma.

We also went to Playa del Carmen. Kath had some fish.

According to my calculations, 5% of the women on this beach were topless. Swear to god, no tops. I mean completely nude from the waste up. I love Europeans.

This was not a demonstration of the melting of the polar ice caps - this was a Margarita.

Mexican version of a squirrel

This was the warmest ocean I've ever been in - probably 75 - 80 degrees and clear.

Flying home


Lydia said...

wow! what a life! are you sure you want to let this job go????

Mom said...

Beautiful, Matt.