Thursday, March 20, 2008

Fart Club

Some friends and I have been training for a marathon and have calling ourselves "Team Brawndo" named after a fictional sports drink in the movie Idiocracy. We were going to wear Brawndo shirts during the race. Recently, however, a company has turned it into a real product, so that kinda sucks. Now we're trying to think of a new team name. This is the only thing we have so far.

Here's John's acount of how he came up with this name:

"The first time we went to the Park Pub, I called Shireesha to tell her where I was. Her response: "You're out with the guys at the Fart Club?""

Ben doesn't like it tho, so we'll see...

1 comment:

Dr B said...

It is too Howard Stearn!