Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Affecting Change

When I started working at the new job, I quickly got into the habit of eating at the deli downstairs - pretty much every day. I would take my sandwich and chips in their styrofoam container up one flight of stairs to my desk, eat, then throw the styrofoam in the trash. After about a week of this, I started bringing in my own container. The girls at the shop jokingly gave me a hard time for brining in my container, but it turns out that they mentioned to the owner that some of the customers had been complaining about the use of styrofoam. SO... the owner switched to these biodegradable containers which are essentially the same price.

It's encouraging to see that an individual can affect change!

(You may also be interested to know that the city of Seattle has mandated a ban on styrofoam containers that will take effect in July 2010).

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Lydia said...

Hurray for Matt! and change!... I take my own containers around with me, too.... always keep a couple in the trunk of my car and one in my bicycle pack. =0)