Monday, September 17, 2007

Orcas Island

Kathleen and I celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary last wkend by going to a little cabin on Orcas. The cabin was only $50 per night and we found out why when we got there. THERE WAS NO BATHROOM. It seems like something that you might disclose to someone before they rent from you, but I guess not. Anyways, it had a charming little outhouse, no really, it WAS charming, and we had a great stay. The weather was perfect and we ate amazing meals every day, since we were saving $$ on the accommodations. And we saw lots of wildlife.

Here's our little deck and pre-breakfast treats.

View from the cafe at Doe Bay. We went back at night to sneak into their nude hot tubs. Some folks actually had the nerve to wear clothes, if you can believe that.

We drove up Mt. Constitution for an amazing 360 view.

Kathleen tamed wild dear with her charm and good natured spirit.

Did a little hike and found some monster old school trees.

We went for a couple bike rides and encountered some really steep uphills. Due to the restrictions of Kathleen's "comfort bike" design, she was not able to pedal straight up hill (that's right we're blaming it on the bike) so we tied the two bikes together with my sweatshirt and I towed her up the hills.

We had much good food, but were particularly impressed with our final breakfast at Chez Chloe. I had Steak and Eggs with wilted arugula and Kath had Crepes with pomegranate baked apple inside.


Amara said...

Hey matt, I stumbled on your blog looking for Orcas housing...would you be up for sharing the contact info for the cabin?

MattWilsonMD said...

we wished we got the big house, but the little one was nice if you're into minimalism.