Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cat Camping

Mojo is such a cool cat.

We took our little friend camping this weekend up at Index. This was the 3rd time we've brought him camping and he LOVES it. He purrs his head off pretty much the whole time. He wore a little red flashing bike light on his collar the whole time so we could locate him easier and we did end up leaving his leash on for the most part.

He gets a little restless in the car, but it's only an hour drive. There were train tracks not too far from this site and the train went by pretty much every hour on the hour. Sometimes it freaked him out, sometimes not so much. And there were a few strangers who kinda wandered thru our site and that really freaked him out, but I have to say that it spooked me too - especially the 2 gals that stumbled thru at around 11pm.

All in all, tho, he had a great time exploring around and nibbling on some new varieties of grass blades - everthing tastes better when you're camping right?.